James S

I feel as though my mobility has been given back to me. Prior to my sessions here, I was unable to travel 20-30 yards without intense pain. Now I can walk a mile an I can self correct problems. The best part is…NO BACK SURGERY!


Feeling so much better after my Physical Therapy sessions. I felt that they listened to me and checked in with me frequently about how I was feeling. I’m grateful for the progress I made here and for the hep the therapists gave me. They were all great!


It is a little over 6 months since my left TKR and my healing and recovery have been slow, steady and remarkably amazing. My pain is minimal and joint mobility has increased substantially. The rehab team has been patient, motivating and truly inspiring to push me beyond my expectations. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me in my long journey to healing, You guys are all amazing and awesome.


The staff at Orange Physical Therapy is extremely knowledgeable and caring. After breaking my arm, I was not even able to complete the simplest of tasks, including using my hair dryer. Through my therapy sessions, I am now able to resume driving, shopping, lifting objects, cooking and exercising. I don’t even realize that there was a time I had difficulty holding the hair dryer. Thanks to Kelly, Elena and the entire OPT team.


When I first came I was dealing with the symptoms of TMJ, severe headaches, neck and jaw pain. With the help of your staff, I have been headache free as well as improved mobility and range of motion.


Kelly has been a fabulous therapist to work with. She’s thorough, kind, informative and patient. I’ve made so much progress with her assistance. My Worker’s Comp. sessions will be missed. I’ll miss you Kelly!


My experience with your therapists has been a wonderful one. They strive to make my time as fruitful as possible. They genuinely care about me and my progress. If I need therapy in the future, I will definitely seek help from Orange Physical Therapy.

Stacy S.

Amazing results. Issue after 20 years resolved. The staff couldn’t be better , nicer or more courteous. The only place you would want to go for PT in the Middletown area.


After pregnancy I was struggling to begin weight training. I had back pain and m core and pelvic floor were weak. After a couple of months working with Elena and doing my prescribed exercises each day on my own, I feel better than I had pre-pregnancy!


I couldn’t walk in to the office back in March 2015. 8 weeks later I am running, playing with my kids, happy and strong. Thank you! I never thought I would feel this great!


Abigail was unable to turn her head to the left. She now, not only turns her head left, but sleeps and feeds to that side as well. She has also gained more strength and is able to lift her upper body while on tummy AND turn her head at the same time.


Carter is now successfully having bowel movements independently on the toilet. Elena has helped relax Carter’s abdomen muscles in order to have bowel movements on the toilet.


It was slow, steady progress but with the diligence and professionalism of OPT, I am am back to my regular activities.


I got an ankle injury at work and I was in a lot of pain especially while driving since it was my right ankle. I cam eto OPT and felt better the first day. After 7 weeks I am almost back to normal. the best part is that i am back on the dance floor! Thank you Orange Physical Therapy Team for your courteous and professional care and for bringing me back on my feet.


If it was not for your help, I would not have had a speedy recovery. 2 months ago I showed up here using a walker and am back to work now. Thank you!!!

Chase T.

Needed to address neck and back pain caused by scoliosis. Very happy with results so far. Noticing an increase in stability and strength through neck, back and shoulders as well as straightening of my spine. Overall very happy with progress so far.

Cynthia F.

I would like to thank Orange Physical Therapy for all the care they gave me. When I first came in I was in the worst pain I’ve ever experienced in my life. By the time I left, I was almost 100% better. the knowledge, compassion and care is second to none. the staff, right down to the office secretary, are truly amazing. I cannot say enough. Thank you all for everything you do each and every day. You ALL truly make a difference.

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