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Robert O. 

After hip replacement surgery, Orange PT got me up and walking. I now feel better and stronger than I did before. I’m also bending and lifting heavy weight and will return to my job. All of the therapists were experienced and used the right exercises to fit my needs. I would highly recommend Orange PT to anyone needing physical therapy. They will get you back in shape to resume your normal life!

Nicholas F.

When I first started treatment at Orange Physical Therapy for my lower back pains, there were a number of every day activities I couldn’t do. I was eating and sleeping on the floor and I couldn’t put on my socks or tie my shoes. Honestly, I had trouble doing everything. After I started my treatment, I noticed a huge difference in my every day activities, and more importantly , the levels of pain have gone down tremendously. I’m now sleeping in bed and eating at a table like a normal person would. I’m putting on my socks and shoes by myself. I owe all my improvement to the staff at Orange PT. They are all very good at what they do and are very patient. Thank you guys for everything. I really appreciate all that you’ve done for me!


I feel great! I now understand how  my injury occurred and will follow my continued exercise recommendations. OPT is wonderful and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Everyone is caring, yet pushes you as needed. I have learned a lot and feel equipped to prevent the injury again. Thank you!


I have to compliment the staff – I have NO pain at all. Legs, hip, back, ALL GOOD! I have enjoyed the sessions and I have learned a lot to help me in my every day activities. Thank you! Great group of therapists!


I came to Orange Physical Therapy to heal my torn knee. The amazing staff at Orange Physical Therapy has helped me with scheduling and my recovery. Everyone that works here cares about your well-being. I has the pleasure of having Barbara as my Therapist and she was able to inspire me and motivate me back to health. I thank Orange Physical Therapy team for the hard work and dedication to their patients.


I started therapy on 6/21/18. At the time I had severe pain and limited movement in my lower back. In 12 sessions, I am happy to say that I am pain-free and back to work full-time.  Thank you Orange PT!


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