About Us

Orange Physical Therapy exists to contribute to the betterment of society by restoring individuals to their optimum level of health and state of mind, so they may excel as individuals, be stable sources of strength for their families, and actively participate in the betterment of their communities through their work, principles, and leisure activities. In other words, our goal is to get you back to health and function so that you can be at your best

Our Mission

We, the staff of Orange Physical Therapy, are committed to the highest ethical standards in the performance of our healthcare and business operations. We accept patients of all ages from 0 to 100 (and more). We accept Insurance and Non-Insurance Payments. We thrive and prosper on our quality medical treatment, the results we obtain, and our outstanding reputation for services rendered. There are a number of quality Physical Therapy offices close to you that could provide a convenient locale for your rehabilitation. We at Orange Physical Therapy feel that we can offer you unique reasons for choosing us. Over 30 years of combined clinical experience, treating a wide range of diagnoses in a multitude of settings and work history that is trusted and respected by area physicians. Our uniquely personal approach makes coming to physical therapy both encouraging and rehabilitating. We realize that pain cannot wait… Initial appointments can be made within 24 hours of your call to us. Past patients are our biggest asset. Hundreds of patient testimonials attest to our commitment to comprehensive, personalized treatment. Our patients come to us because they want to walk again, work again, play again, and live again, without pain, and they do, with our help.

Our History

Orange Physical Therapy is a Physical Therapy clinic owned and established by Aaron T. Loeffler, DPT, and Elena Chaves-Loeffler, DPT. in January 2003. There are over 35 years of experience practicing Physical Therapy shared between the owners. Our product is Physical Therapy Treatment. Orange Physical Therapy provides Physical Therapy Treatments for individuals of all ages, with all diagnoses. Our focus is hands-on, individualized intervention. We believe these are our roles in the industry. This gives our patients the best opportunity to be successful, and sets us apart from other physical therapy clinics. Our experiences allow us to be able to serve all ages, and all diagnoses. Additionally, there are few, if any clinics in our area whose owners provide all patient care on a daily basis. Both owners manage the daily business operations, and have done so since inception.

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